Costa Rica is the perfect wedding destination

Boasting all the pillars needed for the perfect ceremony, this small Central American nation shines bright as the place to be when exchanging vows.

The vibrant waters of the Pacific coast as an almost angelic backdrop. White sands that perfectly complement the bride’s dress. An unforgettable tropical party in a truly paradisiacal environment. Just by going through these images, it’s no surprise that Costa Rica has become a well-known wedding destination. Can you really imagine a more scenic tropical setting for your wedding pictures?

In terms of pure photographic potential, Costa Rica not only hosts its celebrated natural wonders, but the very essence of its climate is also a plus within the area. Luminous landscapes and blue skies tend to be the norm during the summer months, so even if you decide for one of the mountain destinations the country offers, it’ll most probably be just the right set of circumstances.

The country also has the benefit of a robust and apparently ever growing tourism infrastructure, which really sets it apart from other wedding destinations. In Costa Rica, the high education level within the service industry, and the amount of years established as one of the world’s definitive tropical vacation spots, means there’s already a reference and a history you can look back to. After all, unless you have a very specific vision for your big night, an integral part of a destination wedding is also the guests’ experience, and Costa Rica is more than prepared for demanding and large groups of all kinds.

Be it an intimate and atmospheric immersion on the misty mountainside of a volcano, or embracing the vividness of the tropical beach, Costa Rica is as picturesque a setting as you can find, while also certifying your dream day with an internationally renowned stability and preparedness for visitors.