Retiring in Costa Rica

The idea of flocking to greener pastures during our twilight years has been deeply ingrained in society for ages. Be it leaving town for a secluded cabin in the woods like in the old days, or flying to a warmer climate and more accessible setting with the advent of commercial aviation, migration is something everyone eventually considers as they approach the time for retirement.

Since the United States’ economic boom of the 1950s, a golden age for international travel quickly reconfigured the reach of retiree planning, and Costa Rica has been one of the prime beneficiaries. With the country’s initial steps towards tourism infrastructure and development in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a pioneering set of individuals saw too many perks in tropical paradise, and decided to establish themselves there. These initial expat communities laid the groundwork for the country’s ever growing popularity amongst North American visitors, to the point of being, by far, Costa Rica’s biggest economic asset, both in terms of the tourism industry and growing foreign investment.

Why Costa Rica specifically? Well, this small Central American nation’s astonishing natural beauty has been well documented, boasting pristine beaches, virgin jungles, exotic wildlife, towering volcanoes, green valleys, clear lakes and rivers, and an unparalleled biodiversity. The climate is also a big draw for many, having temperatures around 26 degrees Celsius year-round, and compiling different kinds of atmospheres in short distances. In an hour, you can easily enjoy the best of urban comforts, traverse the scenic mountainside, and reach the iconic paradisiacal beaches that bless the country.

But inspite of its alluring, off-the-grid feel, Costa Rica also has a robust net of conveniences ready to please any lifestyle. One of the most acclaimed is the tico public healthcare system, a highly celebrated and readily accessible option for every resident. Costa Rica also enjoys from a political stability that’s sadly a rare sight in the region.

With an already established expat community spread all around the country, and the unique features that make Costa Rica the quintessential tropical destination, there’s hardly a better place where to lay back and enjoy the inherent wellness I’d the pura vida lifestyle.